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Great evening last night and I love Priceline. :)

Thank you all so much for the warm anniversary wishes yesterday! :) Mark & I had a wonderful evening. We ended up going to dinner at Longhi's (which is a new restaurant in Ala Moana right next door to Morton's Steakhouse). The food was fabulous and the cheesecake was to die for!

In other news, I got my NYC tickets for the weekend of Jan 17th for $400! From Honolulu, you really can't beat that. Yay! :) True, my connection is in Georgia (which is a straight 11 and a half hour flight from Honolulu), but the price was wonderful! I used to pay higher fares to LA!

I also purchased our "Millie" tickets. We're in the front row, center orchestra. I usually like to be close, though I usually prefer Row B or C, but I'm still very happy with these seats. :) I don't mind spending full price for tickets for the night I arrive, but I think we'll be standing in the TKTS line for the other shows. :) gigglets and I are going to have so much fun - I can't wait! :)

And Sydney's been doing really well lately and is acting like her old self once again - you can't even tell (except for the tell tale shavings on her stomach and side) that she was ever sick. We've been feeding her rather indiscriminately since she's lost so much weight during her illness and we're just happy she's eating again. :) Though I am a little afraid that we'll go back to the vet and she'll be 30 pounds! :P

And I've been trying to fool around with Dreamweaver and move my sites over this weekend, but I'll start, lose interest in about a half an hour, and end up at another theatre message board or back here on LJ. I have absolutely no discipline today. :P
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