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I'm stuffed...

...We just came back from my uncle's house and a whole day of eating. :P I think that I should probably take some time to visit Curves next week with all this eating that I've been doing. :P

Mark doesn't have to work tomorrow (luck guy!) but I do so the entire day yesterday he was walking around saying, "It feels like a Friday!" :P Uh huh... ;) I guess I have more than my share of days off that he doesn't get so I shouldn't complain, but I never rub it in. ;)

It should be a slow day at work tomorrow - everyone will probably be across the street from us at the mall taking advantage of the big sales. My co-worker is off and at home on the neighbor island for the holiday so it'll just be me and my boss. I doubt that anything major will be happening, and I'm glad since I'm really not in the mood to go to work. :P

And instead of doing an "I'm Thankful For..." list, I'd thought I'd do more of a "Things that made me happy this Thankgiving..." list.
  • Sydney is still here with us and healthy enough to bark at the neighbor's lunch guests all day long. ;)
  • Seeing my family (both sides) and spending time (that we don't usually have) talking with them. :)
  • Ted's Bakery Chocolate Cream Pie :)
  • My alarm clock that didn't wake me up at 4am this morning.
  • Wonderful holiday emails and e-cards from my online friends. :)
  • Watching Kevin's finished video with the audio track finally in sync with the video - thanks MARK! :)
  • And last, but certainly not least, getting to spend the whole, wonderful day with Mark & Sydney. :)
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I have so much turkey left over that I'll probably be eating turkey sandwiches for a week! Since we rarely eat turkey, anyone have any good recipes for left over turkey besides the traditional sandwich?
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