Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Mixed emotions...

I went to Punchbowl today with Mark to see my Dad. He would've been 76 years old today. It was raining (how fitting) and we didn't stay too long, but I did get to give him the bouquet of flowers and balloon I bought him.

For those of you who took my quiz a while back, you'll know that today also has another meaning for our family... A happier one. :) Six years ago, Mark & I brought Sydney home - and really, our lives haven't been the same since. Mark had taken me to the pet store on my Dad's birthday one year because I was really down and he thought that I'd get a kick out of playing with the puppies. I don't know if either of us expected that we'd be bringing Sydney home with us that day. (We had been looking for a Sheltie for a while, but hadn't found one that we HAD to get until we saw Sydney).

She is - and probably always will be - the heart of our family. She's our baby and it's hard for me to believe that such a small fuzzy thing would have such an emotional hold on us all. This day means all that much more after the horrible two months that she's been ill. We're just so thankful that we could celebrate this anniversary with her. :)

The pet store took our photo outside as we were getting ready to leave with her - she was SO small! :) Yes, we were all much lighter then! ;)

Got all teary watching "Finding Nemo" with Mark this afternoon. I can't believe that it took us that long to watch it, but it was such a cute show. I loved it! :)

I'm off tomorrow and Tuesday to attend my second set of classes at CTA. :) I'm not as excited about this set since it's mostly back-end stuff (that I really need to learn, but am not totally interested in...) It'll be a nice break from work, though. :)

I'm off to eat sushi with the in-laws. Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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