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I think I would be in the Christmas spirit...

...a little more if it weren't 98 degrees and terribly HUMID here! :P I know I shouldn't complain with all the snow everyone on the East Coast is getting, but really - I have every single fan on in my house and I'm just sitting at the computer and I'm sweating. :P I think I may make a trip to the market later just to cool off! :P

And woo hoo! I finally got out all of my Christmas cards! :) I received a few in the mail on Friday and realized that I was off to a late start this year. :( In case anyone missed my last post and would still like a Christmas card from us this year, please email me here and I'll add you to our list. :)

Speaking of the Christmas spirit, this has got to be one of the sweetest things that I've read in a while. Makes me wish I was there just so that I could get one of those letters. :) It really warms my heart that these performers care so much about helping people. :)

And I've been toying around with the idea of getting a new cell phone. Unlike Mark, who has to be on the cutting edge of everything technology oriented, I'm fine with my Nokia phone that I got a year ago. After all, a trade in would cost me at least $100 and that's money that I could be spending on a "Millie" ticket. ;) Gotta have priorities, after all! :)
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