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Just got home...

...from spending a nice evening with Susan, Faye, Mike, Darnelle, and Craig. Although karaoke is far from my favorite thing to do, it was nice to just spend time with all of them in a non-Jaycee setting and to keep up with what everyone's been up to. Mark only started enjoying himself after a couple of beers and after singing "Breakfast At Tiffany's"...

Susan and Fredrick have finally picked a wedding date! Well, I think Susan picked it out and Fredrick just agreed... March 6th, 2004. They've even picked a reception place - The Plaza Club. :)

Been looking for a small baby gift for Julie - and I'm pretty stumped. I wanted to get her a Hawaiian quilted baby blanket, but I looked at a few of them the other day and Yow! $99! A little out of my price range... I think I have to tone down my gift idea just a bit. Hopefully there will be more opportunities to see her than just during my next LA trip - if I ever make it to the Robby's...

A competitor bank here is giving away a free Sheltie plush toy with every new account opened (their new mascot is a Sheltie). Aside from the fact that I collect Sheltie stuffed animals, this particular one looks almost exactly like Sydney... I may have to stoop to being unfaithful to my workplace and open up a small bank account there..OR...Maybe I can just get Mark to do it. :)
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