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I just got off the phone...

...with my boss not too long ago and this whole new job thing is really beginning to depress me. :( It just feels SO wrong because I've been with my boss for so long and he and I are a GREAT team. My main concern is that if I didn't take the back office job, and our numbers don't improve - I know they'll move me anyway and to someplace I don't want to go. At least the back office is somewhere that I requested. Still, it doesn't make leaving my boss and my branch any easier. :(

I was okay with everything until I talked with him this evening. And though he meant it in the sweetest way, one of his last comments to me made me teary and made me think that this whole thing was just wrong... He said that his wife told him, "You know that no one will treat you as well as Sheri has." I wanted to cry! I enjoy doing everything for him and running his office, and if I could stay there and I was pretty sure management wouldn't move me, I would. :(

On the other hand, she also told him that this is probably what he needs to finally learn to do things for himself. Over the years that I've been with him, I've done everything administrative for him and he hasn't had to worry about anything but making the sale. Unfortunately, now he'll have to worry about all the other things too. :( All this is finally hitting me now. :( I'm going to miss working for him a lot! :(

BUT, on a non-work related note: I have to mention that I picked up the "Wicked" cast recording at Tower yesterday. :) Remember that gift card I found from the folks at my branch almost a year ago? I FINALLY got to use it! :) I love the CD and have been playing it endlessly. I can't wait to see the show in February. :)

And I've been fooling around with Mark's old digital camera recently and took this silly picture of Sydney - I wanted it to have the effect of those dog photos taken with the fish eyed lenses, but it just turned out making poor Sydney look really silly! :)

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