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A whole lot of cheesecake...

We just got back from the new Cheesecake Factory that just opened in Waikiki. It was our annual Christmas dinner with my friend Susan and her boyfriend Frederick. It's always nice to see them because we rarely get to see the two of them together. Mark sees Susan everyday at work and I see her at least once a month for our monthly dinner nights, but it's nice to see her with Frederick every once in a while.

We ate WAY too much! In addition to our meals (which IMO could've feed an entire small army!) we also each had a different dessert. Frederick had the chocolate cookie dough with peanut butter cheesecake, Susan had the fudge brownie cheesecake, Mark had the Boston Creme cheesecake, and I had the warm apple dessert (*GASP* - How could I NOT order cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?) :P Everything was so delicious, but I ended up taking more than half of my dinner entree home. And to think, I have more eating tomorrow when my boss takes the branch people out for brunch. :P I'm in need of a serious exercise plan when this holiday season is over! :P

And an update on my Mom - apparently the doctor was very concerned when she called because he found out that her blood pressure was 199/93 when she was admitted into the Emergency Room on Christmas Eve and wanted to see her right away. It may not have been a heart attack or a stroke, but he's still very concerned about her high blood pressure in any case. My Mom is going in to see him on Monday. I hope everything is okay. :(

And because I was
My most memorable theatre experiences this year:

1. Seeing Kevin, Anthony Crivello, Kevin Chamberlin, John Mahoney, Patrick Cassidy, Annie Golden, and David Burnham in the one night only concert version of "Assassins" on September 15th. Kevin's performance gave me goosebumps and I became an immediate fan of David Burnham who was so creepily convincing as John Hinkley. With all my theatre friends there, and an enthusiastic audience who appreciated the show, it was one of the best theatre experiences that I've EVER had.

2. Finally seeing Kevin portray Billy Bigelow in Cabrillo Music Theatre's "Carousel" and being in the audience on Saturday night when Kevin's voice seemed to be stronger than I've ever heard it. His characterization of Billy was beautiful and little things that he did (mannerisms like the nervous shifting of his weight that he did as he spoke with Jigger, etc.) made his performance ultimately more enjoyable. I have yet to see a performance that I think fully showcases his talent like "Carousel" does. Not to mention the weird pound cake thing that happened that weekend... :P

2 1/2. ;) Attending the 26th Annual Robby Awards in February. What a wonderful moment it was to see Kevin, Julie, Misty, and Nick win their much-deserved awards for "Side Show". In addition, it was the first time I had the pleasure of meeting both Julie Ann and Kevin's Mom in person.

4. Seeing Christopher Sieber's performance as Trevor Graydon in "Millie" on Broadway in February. I was initially disappointed when I found out that Marc Kudisch was on leave to do another show, however my disappointment quickly left as soon as Chris appeared on the stage. He was hilarious! His facial expressions were side splitting, and he added so much to the character that Mark, Pat, Kevin, and I were ROLLING in our seats at his portrayal. He was beyond fantastic - Kevin has some pretty big shoes to fill...

5. "Fuddy Meers" at the Colony Theatre in LA in February was incredible! Nick DeGruccio was fantastic - he was SO funny and he literally stole the show (with the help of his puppet Binkie). Probably more special than seeing the show was having Anjali run upstairs to the dressing rooms to let Nick know I was waiting to see him (against all of my protests). I didn't even think he remembered me, but he gave me such a warm reception that if I didn't already adore him (which I did), I would have after that encounter with him. :) Have I mentioned recently how much I adore the man?

6. Seeing the stellar cast of "Laramie Project" (wonderfully led by - who else? Nick DeGruccio!) perform this special play at the Laguna Playhouse in September. The ensemble was just beyond words - Ed F. Martin, Tony Maggio, Jodi Carlisle, Chad Borden,.... too many to name, they were all so incredible! I cried and was affected beyond words - and it was the second time I saw the show with the same cast (the first was at the Colony Theatre last year.) Ovation awards and Robbys all around! :)

7. This should probably be higher on the list, but seeing Denis O'Hare in "Take Me Out" while it was still in previews in February was an incredible experience. It was all due to the blizzard that we were able to see the show in the first place, and I've never been so thankful for being snowed in! His empassioned monologue was one of the most touching, most humanized, that I've seen in a long time. I literally wanted to give him a mid-show standing ovation when he was done, that's how incredible it was! He's highly deserving of the Tony he received for it this year.

Sorry to bore everyone with all that theatre talk, thanks for indulging me. :) I'm off to play with my dog and upload more photos to Julie Ann's web site. I hope you all are having a nice weekend. :)

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