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A new year and a new job...

I start my new job tomorrow and though I'm very excited about it, a part of me is still pretty nervous. I already know and have a good relationship with my new boss, and I know my fellow co-workers, but I just hope I'll be able to fit in with them and I hope that I won't let them down. There's always a little bit of uncertainty going in to any new job, but I am thankful that I already know the staff there and that the work environment there isn't something I'm too unfamiliar with.

I'm already missing my co-workers from my old branch. :( The thing I forgot in my previous post about my last day was that at 9am yesterday I got a phone call from my boss' wife. She usually calls a lot and I usually joke around with her a little and then patch her through to my boss. But the other day, she told me, "I didn't call for him, I called to speak to you." She thanked me for all the things I had done for her husband in the past 8 years or so and said that she really appreciated everything. I was very touched and got pretty teary. It was so sweet of her to call me to tell me that, it really made my day! I'm going to really miss working for my boss and I hope that the next person who comes in to replace me takes really good care of him!

An update on my Mom - she's going in tomorrow to see her doctor to follow up on her high blood pressure problems that contributed to our late night run to the ER on Christmas Eve. 199/93 WITH medication is a bit too high! :P I hope that they're able to adjust her medication or do something to lower it - it's really worrying me. :(

And we're enjoying a nice, quiet evening at home tonight (such a contrast from all the noise and smoke from the fireworks last night.) You need a permit to buy fireworks here, but you'd never be able to tell with all the houses in our area and the fireworks that they all set off. :P The smoke was so bad last night that we could barely see three feet in front of us as we were driving home. :P

I'd better get to sleep so I can be awake and fully functional for my first day of work tomorrow. :P Hope everyone has a nice Friday! :)
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