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Some GREAT coincidences!

I just got home from a great dinner with my friend Terry and her husband Jim from Virginia who were celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary here in the islands. :) Terry and I traveled together a bit a few years ago and did the whole "Chad thing" back in 2001. :) It was so nice to see her and her husband since the last time I saw them both was in LA in August and I've missed them! We took them out to eat at Todai (which is a Japanese and seafood buffet) and I was very impressed at how adventurous they were in the things they tried. :) As it turns out, Jim met Julie Ann since he's an actor and did extra work for "Line of Fire." (since the pilot and the exteriors are filmed in Richmond) :) What a coincidence, huh?

Speaking of which, is Michael Irby still in "Line of Fire?" You'd never know by watching last night's episode. :( Julie was in a very supporting role last night (I guess the other characters need a chance in the spotlight too). The show's getting more episodic and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. I liked the episode, although it concentrated on my two least favorite characters. :P

And wanted send out a HUGE thank you to starstruck113 for posting a Kevin review in her journal of his performance tonight! I had been dying to hear how he was and she certainly made my evening with her comments. :) I can't wait to see him in about a week! :)

And speaking of NYC, another online friend emailed me to ask when I was going to see "Wicked" (since she read a message I wrote on Chad's board about it) and it turns out that we're seeing it on the same night (Februrary 13th)! Another weird coincidence! :) What are the chances of that? I'm so excited, though since I haven't seen her since I was in NYC in November of 2001. It's going to be such a great trip!!

And lastly, I'm getting pretty antsy at work. I think the only thing that's keeping me going is the anticipation of my trip to NYC in about a week. :) Eight days and counting - woo hoo! :)

Edited to add: I must crawl into bed now before I collapse, but I promise to catch up on everyone's journal tomorrow morning! :) Hope everyone has a good night. :)

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