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It's finally the weekend!

Whew! I can't believe I actually made it through this week! :P I have to say that the people who work in the back office are entirely UNDERPAID for what they do. I really think that all the reps and sales assistants out in the field should all spend at least a month working in the back office - I think it would make them all better reps and more understanding of the things that go on behind the scenes. I've never been vented on by SO many people in my life... (for things that our brokerage firm messed up) :P I've also never felt so glad it was the weekend before. :)

One great thing that I did come home to was a wonderful package from sabine10. :) Thanks so much, Sabine!! Your calendar was just so beautiful and it really brightened my day! I LOVED the photos of Lauser - he looks just like Sydney in some of the pictures! :) And the most special part was that it was so personal and so thoughtfully put together! :) Thank you so much!! :) You really made my day! :)

And I'm so behind in all of my internet stuff - I feel a little overwhelmed. :P Being cut off from the internet at work and falling asleep without even getting online last night certainly didn't help. I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting too much on your entries lately. :( I have a bunch of web site questions to answer, photos that I need to update on Julie's site, and LJ entries that I need to respond to. :( Hopefully I'll be able to get to them all and not fall asleep again tonight. :P

And I guess this is old news by now, but Doris Roberts (of "Everybody Loves Raymond") is rumored to be the next Mrs. Meers in "Millie" when Delta Burke leaves in February. I wish I could see her in the role since she's hilarious, but she won't be starting until April. :( Guess that means that I'll have to plan at least one more trip to see Kevin in "Millie" this year. ;)

Speaking of which, my two friends from MA saw Kevin in "Millie" tonight. :) I'm anxiously awaiting their reviews of his performance. They worked at North Shore Music Theatre as ushers when Kevin was in "I Sent A Letter To My Love" and became immediate fans of his. I miss them both a lot! :(

And lastly, I've decided to go back to Curves. :) I found a location on the internet that seems close to my current branch and I think I'll go there on Monday to transfer my membership. I can just feel all the weight I gained over the holidays and I know that if I don't get back to Curves now, I probably never will. :P
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