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My Wonderful Weekend in NYC. :)

Wow! What a spectacular trip it was! :) I just got home not too long ago and I'm still trying to catch up on all your entries while I was gone, but I wanted to quickly recap the best parts of my trip while it's still fresh in my mind. :)

Seeing friends and meeting new ones

It was great to see gigglets - we haven't traveled together since September two years ago and I've missed seeing shows with her and hanging out at the stage door with her. :) I also got to see an internet friend that I hadn't seen in about 3 years! I thought I'd never see her again, but as luck would have it, she was in the city on Saturday morning standing in the "Wicked" lottery line and it was SO nice to see her!! :) I also got the chance (totally by accident) to meet starstruck113 at "Aida" on Sunday night (which I won't mention - only to say that Cheyenne Jackson was the best part of the darn show.) It was so nice to finally meet you, Lauren! :)

"Millie", "Millie", and overdose on "Millie" :)

Saw "Thoroughly Modern Millie" four times this weekend and it was spectacular! Sutton was in the entire weekend, which I was very thankful for. :) The entire cast was wonderful and it was so nice to see Kevin in such a great show!

I have no performance reviews yet (my brain is still fried from the 14 hour plane rides) :P But I did want to mention some of the wonderful things that happened (and some not so wonderful things)... :P

Pat & I almost didn't make it in time for Friday night's performance of "Millie" - my flight from Atlanta was delayed and I ended up arriving in La Guardia at 7pm! :O The show started at 8pm and with Friday afternoon traffic into the city we were worried we'd only be able to make it for Act 2. :P Yay for Pat and her D.C. *ahem* driving skills (I was closing my eyes most of the way!!) we made it to the Marquis theatre with 5 minutes to spare! Pat is amazing! :)

Kevin was already walking toward us when we went down to the stage door after the show that night - we had orchestra seats and got stuck in a crowd of people who felt the need to stand in the aisles and block the way without moving after the show was done. :( It was freezing cold (for me anyway) so Kevin took us around the corner to talk where there was no wind. We talked for a bit, I told him to wish Julie a Happy Birthday for me (it was her birthday that night), and found out that he did receive the lucky bamboo Mark & I sent him for opening night and that it was one of the few things (besides his new ipod and speakers) that he has in his dressing room. :) When we were leaving he asked us if we could meet him at the Starbucks in the hotel after the show the next day so we could talk out of the cold.

The next day it took him a while to show up at Starbucks after the show (he later said it was because he was talking with Adrian Zmed who happened to be at the show that afternoon). The Starbucks was packed so we must've spent a good 15 minutes looking for somewhere to sit and talk inside the hotel. I swear, the Marriott Marquis has zero seats on the first 7 floors of their darn hotel! :P We ended up going to a bar on the 8th floor that was playing REALLY loud, really tacky disco music and where Kevin ended up buying an $8 Sprite just so we could sit and talk. :( It was ridiculous and I felt a little bad about it. :(

We sat up there for an hour and talked about everything from Julie's show, to his thoughts on Trevor Graydon, to whether he ever thinks he'll be back on the LA stage... It was nice to just talk with him since I hadn't really had much time to speak with him and catch up since September of last year. Found out he wasn't a coffee drinker (yay, Kevin!) and he told us about a wonderful popcorn place across the street from the Hershey's store that we had to try. :) The funniest thing was that I was mentioning how much I liked the little thing he did in "Speed Test" where he'd examine his shoe a little as he sang (which he only did that morning). He laughed and said he didn't even know where that came from - it just happened. But then, Pat & I noticed that he made a concerted effort to do it each time afterward. He almost forgot to do it on Sunday, but then remembered and did it, rather belatedly. :) It was funny.

He wanted us to meet him at the Starbucks again after the evening show (I don't think he wanted us to wait for him in the cold - which was very sweet), but it wasn't too cold and one of the things I enjoy most is seeing other fans and people go up to him after the show and wish him well. So we didn't listen and showed up at the stage door that night instead of waiting for him at Starbucks. :P The greatest thing that evening was hearing a girl yell to her friend, "That's the guy who played Trevor Graydon! I'm sure of it!" I couldn't be happier at all the attention he was getting that night. :)

Standing out there that weekend I did get to speak with some of the other cast members who were all so nice. Delta Burke was a riot and spoke-yelled like her character in the show. :) Angela Christian was a doll! She said she saw me in the audience on Sunday after the matinee. She's hilarious in person and apologized to Pat (thinking the little girl standing next to her was her daughter) for saying "ass" while she was talking to me. (I guess she does speak NY) :) David Rhee (who's the new Ching Ho) was SO darn cute and very sweet. He actually sort of blushed when I told him that he was so much better than the original Ching Ho. :) Sutton was there and sweet to everyone as always, but she was always surrounded by so many people that I didn't want to bother her. I did get to speak with her briefly on Friday, though. :)

It was such a wonderful trip, but I'm so glad to be home. I missed Mark and Sydney a lot! Not to mention this 70 degree weather! One thing that annoyed me about the cold was that it seemed to take forever to get ready to go anywhere because of all the layers that need to be worn... kinda tedious, actually. :P I don't know how you all do it, I give you all in cold weather a lot of credit!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, I'm off to eat (they didn't feed us at all on the 11 1/2 hour flight over there, but fed us twice on the 9 hour flight home... weird) and play with my fuzzy dog. :) Hope you all have a nice evening! :)
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