Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Sydney appreciation & "Line of Fire"...

I'm not quite sure what it was about last night - maybe it was seeing her old medication in the refrigerator, or maybe it was the after-effects of Sabine's previous post, but it occurred to me just how lucky Mark & I are. I had always known we were, but last night, for some reason, I was really able to appreciate it. It's been an entire month since Sydney was given the clean bill of health from our pessimistic vet and in some ways it feels like this is all EXTRA time that we'd never thought we'd spend with her.

In talking with Mark last night I came to the realization that I could never own another dog after Sydney. I know I've said that a lot while she was sick, but I think that I've always felt that way, to some extent, and Mark's never fully understood why.

There are little things that Sydney does that just makes her irreplaceable in our house. Like when I take a shower, she'll plop herself outside the door as if she's standing guard over me. :) Not only has Mark told me this, but I can usually see her fur creep out from under the door where she's sitting. :) Or how she'll jump into my arms at the foot of the stairs so I can carry her up (she's such a spoiled dog) :) Or even her little habits of nosing her food dish over to us when she's hungry - or how she paws at my hand when I stop scratching her for more... I even love the endearing way she has to block the TV every time I'm really interested in seeing something (usually during Julie's scenes in "Line of Fire"). ;) I don't think that Mark really understands, but that's the reason I don't think there will ever be another dog for me.

Mark & I ended up having a rather long discussion about this last night - and to think it all started with me seeing her old medication in the fridge! :P

And to briefly change the subject - I'm so sorry, but I have to mention this - probably the best Julie Ann episode will be shown on "Line of Fire" tonight. If anyone isn't doing anything, please tune in - it should be a WONDERFUL show! I'm still hoping the ratings pick up enough to where it'll continue into the regular season.

I hope everyone has a nice day! :)
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