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I'd like to welcome...

....technomonkey to my journal. :) I was googling "Misty Cotton" for research earlier in the afternoon today and stumbled across his journal. The odd thing was that we'd actually met in September when I saw Kevin in "Assassins" - what an incredibly small internet world this is! Anyhow, welcome technomonkey!

Today Mark & I went to CompUSA so I could look for a bigger memory stick for my new Cybershot. I wanted one that I'd be able to comfortably use in NYC and not have to worry about running out of space. CompUSA didn't really have the one I was looking for, so we headed to Circuit City to check there... BIG mistake!

There was so much traffic on the way and once we got there the parking lot was ridiculously packed. We came to the realization that it must've been all the people looking for big screen TVs for tomorrow's big game. :P Luckily we found a parking and I found my memory stick, but not without circling the parking lot about 10 times and almost giving up twice! :P

Speaking of Misty (earlier), she's in concert tonight with Jason Robert Brown at the Laguna Playhouse. :) Another thing I'm missing that I'd give anything to see. :( Chances that I'd make it to anything LA related this year are pretty slim with all the money that I'm spending on NYC trips this year. I have a free East Coast trip using Delta FF and a free LA trip with Aloha that I've been saving for the right times (shows) so we'll see. I'd love to see Nick's "1776" at Performance Riverside - but taking vacation during tax season seems very unlikely right now... :P

Speaking of which, my co-worker did decide to take the other job with our competitor yesterday - and left abruptly at the end of the day to start work with his new company on Monday. It was rather fast for us and a shock and barely enough time to say goodbye to him. I'll miss him in our office - even though I've only been back there for a short while, I've known and worked with him for years. I'm happy for his better opportunity, though.

A side note: after my BIG boss found out about my co-worker leaving, he came up to me and said, "Now you can't leave us!" Sad as this might sound, all of this seems to have solved my "displacement" dilemma... Talk about your mixed emotions!
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