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I must be one of the only ones out there...

...who didn't watch the superbowl this afternoon. :P Instead Mark & I opted to go shopping since we knew there would be no crowds (for once) in the mall and we were right! :) It was wonderful to find a great parking space and to NOT have to wait in long lines. :) Not being a football fan does have its advantages. ;)

Spent the rest of the day fussing around with my new digital camera that Mark got me. Poor Sydney knows that whenever we get a new camera/gadget she's our test subject.

I'm pretty happy with the quality of the photos that this camera takes and I can't wait to take it to NY and try it out there. Mark told me that I've become the poster child for Sony - since everything I own (digital camera, video camera, mini-disc recorder, etc.) are all Sony products. :P

I also spent some time mulling over a site that I decided to create in Dreamweaver... :P It's been so long since I've been in class and have created anything net-wise that I think I've gone brain dead when it comes to site building. :P Maybe it's just my old age. ;)

Yesterday Mark & I went to Cold Stone to get some ice cream (it's sort of become a birthday tradition for us). I made the mistake of NOT ordering the kiddie size and ended up taking more than half of mine home (the regular size is SO huge!) I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't finish it yesterday, but very happy that I had a nice dessert waiting in the freezer for me today. :)

And lastly, my friend Susan re-finalized her wedding date last week. It'll be on June 12th (it was originally supposed to be on March 6th). So at least I have a little bit of time to lose weight before the wedding (provided all this celebratory eating is done). :P

Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)
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