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I recently found...

...three completed undeveloped rolls of film in my hand carry when I started packing for my trip recently. :P Wonder what they're of? It couldn't be something too important because I haven't missed the photos. I'll probably see if I can take them in to be processed this week - it should be interesting to see what pictures they are. :)

Speaking of which, Mark nearly fell over when I told him that I was thinking of NOT taking my regular film camera to NYC with me this time. He and I have had constant debates - he's Mr. Technology after all - and I was always the traditional film person... Well, since playing around with my digital camera, I even shocked myself when the thought of NOT taking my SLR (it's so big and bulky after all!) to NY was even a consideration. We'll see if I've evolved from my primitive way of thinking enough to actually leave my SLR home next week. :)

And tonight my NYC plans hit a huge snag - one of the shows we were going to see ("Never Gonna Dance") is closing ONE DAY before the performance we bought tickets for! :P Seems like just my luck! :( So it left Mark & I show-less on Monday night (when most of the theatres are dark) so I bought tickets for us to see another showing of "Millie" :P. Kevin will think we're nuts - but really, I love the show and have seen it numerous times before he was even in the cast... Yeah, he'll believe that... :P

It's already February so my countdown to NYC is 10 days! :) I was excited about seeing Pat and spending time with her on my last trip, but this trip with Mark is really special - I love traveling with him, spending time with him, and seeing shows with him! I'm really looking forward to it! I just hope we don't get snowed in like we did last year! :P
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