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My hubby - the closet "American Idol" fan...

...actually said to me after tonight's episode, "I can't believe we missed two seasons of this... Where the heck have we been for the past two years?" ;) Haha! Apparently under a rock! :P He's far too amused by the show and will now remind me, "Remember American Idol is on tonight!" :D

And yikes! I did it again. :( I let my safety check expire on me. :( I'm planning on taking my car in to be checked before I go to work tomorrow morning - because probably the day I think about putting it off will be the day I'll get pulled over for not having it. :( And pathetic as it may sound, I did this last year too. :P

Work is going surprisingly well. I love my co-workers and I feel like I've become a part of their team - which is nice. :) And though I need to keep a bottle of Tylenol in my desk drawer for the problems that some of the reps hand over to us to fix, I think that I could get used to this. The one down side is I'm only making a fraction of what I made in my other position (with all the commissions). :P But to me, work is not all about the pay - at least I'm enjoying the work and really enjoying the people I work with. :)

Seven days and counting until NYC! :) Woo hoo! I'm finally going to get to see "Wicked"! I can't wait! :)
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