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Everyone at work...

...has been getting sick recently. :P They're all teasing me and calling what they have the "NYC virus" since it all seems to have started for everyone when I came back from my trip. I keep trying to tell them that I wasn't sick when I came home, I just lost my voice because of all the yelling I did at the show in NYC. ;) No one believes me, however. Still, I'm the only one in the office who hasn't caught this "NY virus" yet... *knocks wood*

Curves called me twice since I changed my location closer to my new office - no doubt wondering why I haven't made it down to work out there yet. :P I just can't bring myself to go there since the traffic in and out of that place is nearly impossible! I know, no excuses ~ I haven't made use of my membership for at least half a year now... :P And judging by all the weight I've gained over the holidays I really should start going again. :P

On a completely opposite note, poor Sydney looks so scrawny and thin lately. :( She seems to have shed her entire undercoat while we were away in NYC. I managed to brush off what seemed like an entire dog when we first brought her home! :( Hopefully she'll be back to her fuzzy self again real soon.

And I'm heartbroken that all the good seats for "Assassins" have already been sold for the weekend I was planning on being in NYC in May. :( They just went on sale on Sunday and when I checked on Sunday afternoon, they were all almost sold out! :( I'll have to see if a trip out there in May is worth it. :P My FF miles are just itching to be used. ;)
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