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The "NYC virus" is spreading... supervisor called in sick today with the stomach flu. :( That's something NO ONE wants to get :P - and I'm pretty sure that I didn't bring that back with me from my trip! But he did use my phone yesterday to fix my computer so I'm a bit worried that I'll be coming down with it too. :P We're so short-handed as it is - people seem to be dropping like flies at our office recently! :( Isn't flu season supposed to be over?

Saw "American Idol" tonight with Mark and I have to say that I was a little disappointed in Jonah's choice of songs. :( Although I know who will probably make it through, I still liked Amy Adams' voice. I think it's funny whenever they criticize performers by saying they sound too cabaret or broadway. Might just be me, but I think it's a compliment to them. :P

In website news - I've been working on ideas for a re-design of Misty's site. She's been very good about providing ideas for a new look and I think I'll have to finally put some ideas on a page this weekend. I think she's in NYC this week so I have some time before she comes back to formulate a whole new look. Hopefully she'll like what I've come up with. :)

Speaking of which - I have to mention what a sweetheart Julie Ann is! She's the best! I was a little worried about how things would change once her show aired (remember I was a little unnerved at some of the strange fan emails I received off of the site earlier?) and I worried about my site and whether she'd continue to support it. But she's been an absolute dear and very appreciative of everything - I couldn't have asked to do a site for a sweeter person! Oh, and her husband (that tall, good looking guy with the awesome voice) he's a dear too... ;)

And in other theatre news: *Sob* :(

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