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Oh the weather outside is...

...freaking 85 degrees! :P Now if that doesn't kill the Christmas spirit, I don't know what does.

Oh wait,...I know what does... WORK... :P

'Kay, I know I've never mentioned it here, but I really can't stand my job. Though it helps that I like the people I work with...most of them anyway. I can't really complain since I HAVE a job and one that allows me to travel as I do, but some days...

My boss is on vacation until the New Year and really, though he has his own faults at times, he's a wonderful person to work for - a really nice guy and I actually consider him a friend more than a boss. There's essentially three people in our office, my boss, me, and "the other one". Now "the other one" is a nice person (all in all) but is one of those people who doesn't think before doing or saying things, is essentially very competitive about everything from my bosses' "favor" to the sales we have to make, and sometimes has the common sense of a twig. Although very nice, "the other one" drives me insane at times with constant repetitive questions and actions that are beyond reason, plain rude and often take advantage of my sometimes-too-nice boss.

I have an entire 2 weeks with "the other one" without my boss around and I can already tell it'll be a LONG 2 weeks... :( Take for example today when "the other one" left early without doing half of the things that needed to be done in the office, yet will stay late for hours when my boss is in... :( I tell you, if hating what I do for a living isn't enough, spending two weeks with this other person ought to do it for me.

Been thinking of moving away recently, actually, been thinking about it for some time now. Where to...I'm just not sure. Just somewhere off this stinking island where there are more jobs in the art field. I haven't used my degree in photography in about 10 years...

Hoping I'll feel more "Merry" tomorrow...though I have to work so I wouldn't count on it...
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