Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

My Grandmother turned 91 yesterday! :)

...She's such a spunky woman that at 91 she still lives alone and still chases wild animals out of her yard with a broom, she still carries burning hibachis around the garage, and will still wake up at 4:30 in the morning to cook a dinner for the entire family. What a woman! I hope that I'm half as active and sharp as she is when I'm that age. :) The little Japanese I know I learned from hearing her yell in the kitchen (so basically all I know how to do is swear in Japanese...)

My Mom will be flying to the Big Island tomorrow to spend the weekend with her. :) Although my Mom and Grandma are VERY close, my Mom's visits usually can't be longer than a few days... After that she and my Grandma will start to argue (not seriously) and get on each others nerves. The test of how good a visit it was is usually dictated by how many "BAKATARES" my Grandmother yells at my Mom. (The best translation for "Bakatare" I know of is - "Stupid" maybe?) :P Last year at this time there were only two bakatares (which was a pretty good trip) :), we'll have to see about this year. ;)

In other news, a friend of mine wants me to go to SLC with her for the Michael Ball concert in May... It's one week before my NYC trip and I doubt I'll be able to swing vacation time two weeks in a row. :P I'd love to go, just so I could see her, but I think it may be impossible (work wise). I'll still hopefully get to see her in NYC the next weekend, though. :)

And I've been excitedly planning my next NYC trip in May. I'm using FF miles (or else I wouldn't be able to afford it!) and quite a few people I know will be in the city for other Chad reasons (Daytime Emmys) and it'll be wonderful to see them all again. I'm really going more to see them than anything - oh and "Avenue Q" and "Assassins" while I'm there too. ;)

And I know I always post photos of Sydney and you're all probably tired of seeing her on my LJ, so today I decided to post a photo of my Mom's fuzzy (slightly neurotic - but awfully cute :)) dog instead.

My Mom's cute fuzzy dog, Yuki - a Japanese Spitz. :)
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