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When it's cold like this...

...I could sleep forever! :P

I think I've come to the conclusion that the study places in my house are all horrible for different reasons! My desk is no good because the internet connection is too close by (too much distraction), downstairs is not good because the TV is always too loud (and usually on Food Network or Law & Order or something that will make me want to pay attention), and my bed is horrible because of the reason stated above... I fall alseep! :(

Last night I fell asleep studying (AGAIN) and proceeded to have strange dreams about some high school friends I hadn't seen in over ten years sharing a hotel room with me in NYC. Wonder if that means that I miss my high school days - or, more likely, it could just mean that I miss NYC and am having anxiety over whether or not to go on my next trip. :P

And funny how freezing cold it feels here (it could only be mid 50's at the least!) I was freezing when I woke up this morning and to think that I would've given anything to be in 50 degrees during any of my NYC trips this year. Hawaii people SO can't handle the cold! :P

I skipped Curves yesterday (bad Sheri!) because I was just too exhausted after work. I must've fielded over a dozen calls from people asking me why my boss resigned :P in addition to the dozens of other normal service issue calls that I usually receive. I feel bad that I can't say anything to anyone, but it's really not my place to speak for my former boss.

And we must be one of the last people each year to do our taxes! :P Mark usually does them for us on Turbo Tax, and each year he finishes it right before the April 15th deadline. I think it's unlikely that we'll be getting a refund this year. In fact, I'm guessing with all my mutual fund redemptions to pay for my computer classes at CTA, we'll have to pay quite a bit this year. :P

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