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My friend's dog passed away...

...yesterday. :( She left me a heartbreaking VM on my cell phone to tell me that her beloved dog was gone. :( I felt SO bad for her and I had to give Sydney several extra hugs when I came home today. Like I've said before, all this time with Sydney feels like extra time that Mark & I weren't supposed to have with her. I always think that if we didn't happen to take her to the ER the night that we did, she may not be with us today. :( I just can't imagine our lives without her in it and I just feel VERY fortunate - especially after speaking with my friend tonight. :( I just felt SO sad for her! :(

On a completely different note, today was one of those days at work that just made me want to pull all my hair out. What I can't understand is why people who were blessed with the "salesman" gene are the same people who are NOT blessed with the gene that makes them understand anything to do with computers! :P Gah!

And my Mom just agreed to go on a trip with my aunties to Japan in October. It's been a while since my Mom traveled out of the country and I'm glad that she'll get to spend some time with her sisters now that everyone is enjoying their retirement. :) BTW, she behaved herself on her recent trip to visit my grandmother and there were actually no "bakatares" yelled in her direction this time. ;) I guess they were all deflected from her and geared toward my uncle this trip. :P

And Yay! Though it probably will do me no good since I won't be able to make it up there in time to see it in June either. :( Maybe I'll be lucky and it'll extend until July.

I got my LA Stage Alliance renewal in the mail this week and I've been in a real "I miss LA theatre" mood lately (especially after getting Nick's email). I know I won't be able to make a trip out there anytime soon. I just miss the variety out there... and the people - I have to say that I've had the good fortune to meet some of the nicest theatre people around from all my LA trips!

And WHY is not Friday yet?? :P
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