Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Stolen from kananigirl and roopunzel

Wearing: t shirt and shorts
Hair: messy :P
Makeup: none - I don't wear any, not even lipstick to work. :P
Jewelry: my chain and heart pendant that Mark got me for Valentine's Day three years ago that I never take off.
Eating: nothing since my grilled cheese sandwich at about 8pm
Last phone call: my friend who told me about her dog passing away. :(
In your purse: wallet, keys, gum, checkbook, Curves bucks, cell phone, my mini-disc, etc... What's NOT inside my purse might be an easier thing to answer. ;)
In your cd player: "City of Angels" (had to give "Avenue Q" a little rest) ;)
Cell phone ring: regular and annoying. ;)
Desktop picture: Kevin Earley, Misty Cotton, and Julie Jackson from the LA Stage photo shoot for the Ovation nominees. :) - My favorite photo!
Last watched on tv: American Idol
Last website visited: before this one? Playbill.Com
Plans for today: today is over, but tonight I plan to stay up till the late hours of the night studying.
Last thing bought: bread from the market this past weekend.
Listening to: Randy Graff - she's incredible as Donna!
Last showered: this morning
Went to bed/woke up: 11 something / 4 am
I need: to pass my Series 7 exam!
Looking forward to: the next time I'll be able to go to NYC!
Worst part of the day: talking to my friend about her dog. :( :(
Best part of the day: hugging Mark & Sydney when I got home.
Favorite person of the day: my favorite person on a day to day basis is Mark, of course. :)
Thinking about: my friend and what a hard time she must be going through. :(
Current annoyance: my sometimes slow ass computer. :(
Current obsession: Ke... AHEM... no comment ;)

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