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Here's reason number 1...

...why I shouldn't stay at home when I'm bored during a study break. :P I just bid on a bunch of things off of ebay! :( Bad Sheri! I'm supposed to be saving money for my NYC trip in May and I only went to ebay to look around so I could sell things (it's been about 6 months since I've listed anything there)... I'm SO weak when it comes to theatre crap... I've already bid on two items and are watching three more. :P Bad, bad Sheri!

The weekend's almost over and I feel like I've been a hermit the past couple of weekends. I know that I need to study for the exam, but by the time Sunday night rolls around, I don't feel ready to go back to work. :P

All the pizza is officially gone from my fridge. Mark & I did a good job of eating it up this weekend. ;) I have to say that if I don't see another slice of pizza for a couple of months, it'll be too soon! :P

And my love/hate relationship with Priceline continues. :( Loved them through all of January and February when they got me RT tickets to NYC for $325... Hating them now that EVERY offer I enter for May has been rejected... Just goes to show me that my prime traveling time to NYC is during the winter months - after all, who else but me would be crazy enough to fly 14 hours from 80 degrees to 12 degrees just to see a certain tall, curly haired fellow? ;)

I'm going back to study - and deleting ebay from my favorites. :P Hope you all had a nice weekend. :)
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