Sheri (shutterbug93) wrote,

Stolen from irisheyes77, roopunzel, and alligatorandme

If you call me...

  • Sheri, then you're just about everybody :)
  • Sheri-Lynn, then you're Kevin or Julie Ann... or my Mom when she's mad. ;)
  • Shay, then you're my Mom when she's not mad
  • Sher, then you're my Jaycee friends
  • Sheri-girl, then you're my boss Joanne
  • Sheri-bo-berry, then you're my former boss
  • Mi-chan, then you're any one of my relatives on my Dad's side
  • Fooj, then you're one of Mark's friends
  • Shutterbug, then you're a LJ acquaintance
  • Miss Fujimoto, then you're a cashier at Safeway who doesn't know I'm old enough to be married. ;)
  • Mrs. Fujimoto, then you're someone I don't really know and possibly will never know.
  • Miss Maeda, then you're someone who I don't really know who hasn't been updated in about 5 years.
  • Jovi, then you're the parking lot attendant at my old branch. ;)
  • "That Kevin Earley fan," then you're probably in the cast of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" ;)
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