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Great job news and great food!

Yesterday must've been a great day for job news. :) Not only did irisheyes77 and orion74 have some wonderful job news that has kept me smiling all weekend, but I have a little too. :) I was officially offered the promotion at work and I accepted it! :) The job pays a lot more than my current position (and very close to what I was making with all the sales incentives when I was in the field.) It's a semi-managerial position and I just feel so fortunate that they'd even consider me for it! :)

Of course a lot of this also hinges on me passing my exam and I have been studying very hard these past few weeks, so hopefully I'll be ready to take it by April 5th (my test date). I found out yesterday that I have three chances A YEAR to take the test and not three chances total - so if for some reason I didn't pass it this time, I still have two other chances. Whew! That certainly takes a lot of the pressure off of me!

And after reading about Ruby Tuesday's in kananigirl's journal and seeing all the delicious food on their website, Mark & I had to go there today! We thought 11am might be a little too early to go, but once we got there we were glad we went so early because by 12, the place was packed! And Mark & I were both planning on eating dessert before we got there (we even picked out the desserts we wanted), but after eating our entrees, we were so full that we couldn't even look at the dessert menu! :P That just means we'll have to go back again. ;)

And you won't believe this, but I'm still contemplating my May NYC trip. I wouldn't want the show tickets I bought to go to waste... And I'd really like to see all of my friends. I have until tomorrow to decide for sure if I'll be going. :P

I'm going back to hit the books, I hope you're all having a nice weekend! :)

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