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A short update before I collapse into bed...

Sydney is doing just fine. :) I was a little worried about her condition all day today at work and rushed home without going to Curves to see if she was okay. When I got home she was her normal lovable and frisky self - wagging her tail and following me around the house. I still noticed that once in a while she seemed to limp a little, but it didn't look like her leg was bothering her too much anymore. I'll keep monitoring it - but I'm SO glad that she's better! :)

All the Ebay junk stuff I bought came in the mail today so I'm in Broadway and John Tartaglia heaven! :) As I was leaving feedback (you know that's the only reason I'd go back there) ;), I just happened to briefly browse a few of the items there... and okay,... so I bid on one tiny item. :P It was very small! Yes, I'm pathetic. ;)

Got a really sweet email from Julie Ann today. She's very excited about her movie role, but I think the thing that she's the happiest about is that she'll be able to spend all that time in NYC with Kevin while she's filming. :) I think that is just the cutest thing. :) She's the best! :)

Watched parts of "American Idol" tonight and I thought Amy did wonderfully! :) She looked fabulous too - It looks like she lost SO much weight recently! I might be biased because she has that Broadway quality to her voice - but she's one of my favorites (besides Jasmine - who didn't do that well tonight :( and George). :)

Well, I'd better get back to studying before I pass out. :) Hope you all have a nice evening. :)
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