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Home from Costco...

...with a gigantic box of Cheez-it's that we'll probably never finish. :P It's been a while since we've gone on a Costco spree since Mark's corporate membership ran out a while back and his company had to have it reinstated. Buying in bulk is nice, but sometimes for just two people, it can be a little ridiculous...

We briefly looked at ACs while we were there - but it apparently wasn't one of our more immediate needs (just wait until the summer months - we'll be back there looking for one again!) ;P

And we still haven't filed our taxes yet! :P We must be one of last people each year to get it done. Mark does it electronically and usually will wait until April 14th each year to start it. :P I don't think we'll be getting a refund this year, in fact, with all the mutual fund redemptions I did this past year, we may end up having to pay. :P

Finalized my trip plans for NYC in July - I'll be taking my Mom there for her birthday this year. :) Got rid of my May plans altogether. :( Broadway Barks is on the 10th of July (ironically my Mom's birthday) and it's one event I've always wanted to go to. :) I asked Kevin if he was going to participate in it. Being the animal lover that he is, he thought it was a wonderful cause. :) Hopefully he'll be able to participate. :)

I know this sounds silly, but I have an awful feeling that "Millie" may close before I go back to NYC in July. :( Capacity has been about 84% recently - it hasn't been at the bottom, but it's been close. :( I'm hoping it'll stay open, at least through the end of this year... Also, Kevin's contact is up on September 12th - I hope, for his sake, that it doesn't close before then. :(

And I've been feeling really down about my exam... I've been studying for hours on end and when I've taken the practice exams, I've been doing horribly. :( My exam is next week Monday and I sometimes don't feel any closer to being ready to take it than I was a few weeks ago. :P Oh well, that probably means that I'd better get back to studying...
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