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Took the next two days off... I could study for my exam. My boss told me that I should've taken the whole week off, but I felt bad and didn't want to burden my co-worker with my duties now that it's tax season and so busy. :P So I have to make use of my time for the next four days - and can't hang around LJ too much... :(

Today was our farewell party for my BIG boss (whose last day is tomorrow). We catered a bunch of really great local food from Tanioka's (shrimp tempura, chinese chicken salad, mochiko chicken, sushi, teri beef, lumpia... it was delicious). It was really sad and touching when he opened our gift and started to tear. :( We'll all be sad to see him go - he really did a lot for our department and has come SUCH a long way from the mainland-i-fied guy who couldn't even use chop sticks when he first came to the islands. ;)

Sitting and talking with my co-worker today made me realize how lucky I am to work in an office where everyone gets along and where it's really a pleasure to go everyday. I used to be very distressed about work, and I used to complain a lot when I was in the field, but moving to the back office and working with my new co-workers was really the best thing that I could've done. :)

On a Kevin note - he sent over the cutest email - he hadn't even seen the Broadway Beat video that he was in and thanked me for sending him a link. :) He's just so unassuming and VERY humble about things - it's as though he doesn't know what a great voice or a great stage presence he has (or that people think he's so talented). I think I like that best about him. :)

And dammit - Christopher Sieber is going to be Bobby in "Company" at Reprise! Another thing in LA I can't see. :( *SIGH* Maybe I can sneak out for a weekend... :P AND John Scherer - who I adored as Richard Henry Lee in "1776" - is in it too! *SIGH* Marina - please go and know that I'm jealous! ;)
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