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To keep from going stir crazy...

...Mark & I decided to head out to Coldstone today for some ice cream and a MUCH NEEDED study break. :) I hadn't been out of the house in days and was beginning to feel like a hermit - the outing was just what I needed to refresh me so I can put in a full day of studying tomorrow. :) And I have to say, banana ice cream with strawberries and blueberries can cure any study blues! :)

On our way there, I happened to notice my friend Susan's truck in the lane next to us. :) We called her on her cell and found out that she and her fiance Frederick just came back from visiting their soon-to-be-built house. :) She said that the framework was up and it all seems to be coming together quite nicely. :) It must be so exciting for them! I remember how excited Mark & I were as we watched our house being built. :)

And DRAT! I missed this on TV last weekend! :( This is the one Julie Ann show that I haven't seen yet! :( Hopefully it'll re-air again. :(

Right now, Mark is VERY preoccupied with his new "Resident Evil" game. He just bought it today and I know from experience that it means that I won't be seeing him for the rest of the weekend. :( It's a good thing I have other things to do (like studying!) which will keep me occupied. :)

As a side note - I just glanced at my friends' page and it seems like many of you are not having the best of days. :( Big *HUGS* to you all!
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