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Brunch was wonderful...

...but the nicest part was getting to spend time with our family. The in laws are doing well - my mother-in-law is doing much better since her series of radiation treatments have ended. It appears that chemotherapy is not in the future for her which is wonderful. She seems to be doing fine and is her normal chatty self, chasing the dog around the house, and calling Sydney a "him". :)

Of course, like with all our family gatherings, we left feeling as if we could go without eating for the next few days - we were that stuffed! Between the rice and potatoes, apple pie, and ice cream - it's pretty clear no one in our family is on a lo-carb diet! ;) I hesitate to go to Curves tomorrow since I'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones who over-ate and it'll probably be REALLY busy there. :P

In Kevin news - I'm pretty sad that I'll be missing the BC/EFA Easter Bonnet Competition on the 19th & 20th of this month. :( Kevin's heading up this year's Easter Bonnet show for "Millie" and it would be so nice to be able to see it. :) I guess I'll just have to be content seeing photos, reviews, and hopefully a Broadway Beat segment. ;) *SIGH*

And Nick's "1776" ends it's run next week at Riverside. It's been getting such raves (which I can hardly say I'm surprised at, since the cast and creative team are so stellar). Mark & I want to try to make it out to LA in November for our anniversary - hopefully Nick will have a show that'll be running somewhere in the area. :)

Oh well, tomorrow is the worst IRA day of the year for us,... please think good thoughts for me in the "trying not to rip the eyebrows off a few of our reps" department... I came rather close to it on Friday. :P

Hope you all have a nice start to the week. :)
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