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Unintelligible Patter...

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30 January

About me

Sorry to have to put this here, but I do post a lot of personal photos that I have taken of lovely folks in the LA theatre community - please do not take any of them off this LJ without my permission... thank you SO MUCH!!

I'm a woman, in my thirties (notice I don't say exactly how old I am) ;) who's married to an incredibly wonderful man and is extremely blessed with a bunch of wonderful friends.

We've been blessed in our lives with two extremely beautiful and lovable fuzz balls. The first, Sydney was the love of our lives and we sadly lost her after ten wonderful years in August of 2007. The second, Cooper is our new baby who we adopted in October of 2008 and who has stolen our hearts as well.

Left to Right: Sydney (September 23, 1997 - August 22, 2007) & Cooper (born August 3, 2008)

Theatre... and LOTS of it

I LOVE live theatre! In my over 10 years of traveling to NYC and LA to see shows, I have been fortunate enough to have seen some VERY amazing performances! I apologize in advance if the majority of my Live Journal entries focus on theatre - here locally in Hawaii, on and off Broadway, and in LA...

Please click HERE to see the list of shows I've been fortunate enough to have seen.

My Favorite Musicals: 1776, La Cage, A Chorus Line, Assassins, Thrill Me, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Marvelous Wonderettes...

My Favorite Straight Plays: Sons of the Prophet, Trying, Anita Bryant Died For Your Sins, Yellow, etc..

Favorite theatre performers

Douglas Hodge, Kevin Earley, Santino Fontana, Matthew Rhys, Thomas Sadoski, Michael Arden, Jason Tam, Norm Lewis, Christopher Sieber, Chad Kimball...

Some other things I love

I recently started watching Brothers & Sisters and have been loving the Kevin / Scotty storyline. Matthew Rhys is an AMAZING actor and his portrayal of Kevin Walker is one of my favorite characterizations that I've seen on TV recently. Kevin & Scotty's relationship is real and played very honestly. LOVE it.

KINGS... Jack & Joseph... Need I say more? ;)

I simply LOVE the show "Six Feet Under" - with its brilliant writing and superb acting, it's really become one of my favorite shows. Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick are incredible as David and Keith - my favorite couple on the show. They're certainly not perfect, but their relationship is beautiful and far more realistic than anything I've seen on TV.

I adore well made, beautiful, touching INDIE movies... My favorite is a little film that no one's probably heard of - the 1996 movie "It's My Party," which starred Eric Roberts and Gregory Harrison. It's a beautiful movie about love, family, and friends -- and the choice everyone has to live and die with dignity... I LOVED it!! It makes me cry just thinking about it. My thoughts on the movie: http://shutterbug93.livejournal.com/261662.html?nc=2

I've also recently seen and fallen in love with the beautiful indie film "Save Me" - which starred Robert Gant and Chad Allen. It dealt with the topic of religion and spirituality - which is a topic that is very close to my heart. It was beautiful and heartbreaking, and brilliantly acted, I just loved it!

What you'll find in my journal

I mostly write about my family and friends, my web sites and the wonderful people I create them for, some work rants (I know it's more than some - but my job is not the greatest sometimes) and I do spend a lot of time talking about theatre - both in LA and in NYC. I do some ranting (hopefully not too much) and I genuinely care about all my LJ friends. About 25% of my entries are friends only - if you'd like me to add you, please comment and I'll be more than happy to return the favor. :)

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